Bible dating lesson teen

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If you’re interested in these back issues, you should also check out Beyond Today magazine .If you spend a few minutes eavesdropping on a conversation between a group of teens you will very quickly see that the topic of dating occupies much of their thoughts and conversations.When Adam and Eve rebelled against God they forever altered the harmonious state of our relationships and brought into our relationships pride, miscommunication, selfishness, resentment and deception.It is shocking to see as we read the Bible that God’s people were not immune from these painful effects of the Fall in their relationships.Messy Relationship CASE STUDY #1: Samson and Delilah God uses some unlikely and often unworthy characters in His story. Messy Relationship CASE STUDY #2: Hosea and Gomer God did a strange thing in the life of the prophet Hosea.He asked Hosea to live out Gods relationship with Israel by marrying an unfaithful woman named Gomer.

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But you'll get more Bible than anything else, because every one of our teen Bible studies is totally biblically based. You'll find out how to walk the walk while talking the talk.

These tracks will help teens grow in their walk with God.

It was created to look at world events from a Biblical perspective and give insight on what is happening in the world.

For this reason, start off with non-threatening questions.

Dont be over anxious to jump in with all of the answers.

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