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Timbaland), performed with Natalie Fotopoulos (Musa eliminated) Ellis is a jazz and lyrical specialist, and a dance teacher at DC Dance Factory.She was eliminated from the competition in the first week.That 116 was eventually reduced to 41, and finally to 20.8 in Rostov-on-Don, Russia, Minnetonka High School in Minnetonka, Minnesota, and attended Brooklyn College for one semester.His assigned dance partner had been Natalie Fotopoulos who went on to become one of the top six finalists before herself being eliminated.Dances performed Mambo-"Nina" Joe Cuba Sextet, performed with Natalie Fotopoulos Contemporary-"Closer" Goapele, performed with Natalie Fotopoulos Quickstep-"Zoot Suit Riot" Cherry Poppin' Daddies, performed with Natalie Fotopoulos Disco-"Hot Stuff" Donna Summer, performed with Natalie Fotopoulos Hip-hop-"Promiscuous" Nelly Furtado (ft.Dances Performed: Week 1-Mambo-"Nina"Joe Cuba Sextet-With Musa Cooper Week 2-Contemporary"—Closer"Goapele W—ith Musa Cooper Week 3-Quickstep-"Zoot Suit Riot" Cherry Poppin' Daddies-With Musa Cooper Week 4-Disco-"Hot Stuff" Donna Summer-With Musa Cooper Week 5-Hip-Hop-"Promiscuous" Nelly Furtado (Ft.Timbaland)-With Musa Cooper (Musa Eliminated) Week 6-Jazz-"Wonderful" India.

He recently competed on season 12 of Dancing with the Stars with supermodel Petra Němcová. Dances on "So you think you can dance" Hip-hop-"Hit the Floor" Twista (ft.

In 2006, he tried again at the New York auditions, and had improved so much that he was passed through to the Las Vegas auditions and eventually to the finals.

He proceeded to the top 12, but was eliminated on July 13, 2006.

Chaplin reached the top 10 contestants before being eliminated with Martha Nichols on July 20. Dmitry Chapin also was on a season of Dancing with the Stars, partnered up with Playboy Model Holly Madison, being eliminated on week 3 in a double elimination.

He then competed on season 9 of Dancing with the Stars and was partnered with singer, Mýa.

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