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Like Chrome, Baidu Spark Browser even lets you use the address bar as a search bar.

Instead of loading a search engine, you can type your key words right in the bar at the top of the screen to easily find content that interests you.

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Another reason you might love this web browser is because of the easy to use tools it includes.

The sidebar lets you click buttons to view your bookmarks, see recently viewed sites, access your history and visit social media sites in seconds.

You can then watch or view that content anytime you would like without scouring the web to find it again.

Baidu Spark Browser comes with an interface that you can customize too.

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You can select from different skins and background designs.People had a hard time accessing high-quality news stories.By upgrading the news service, Baidu added a functionality that allows people to bypass its Baijiahao news aggregation service when looking for news stories on its platform. Baidu controlled a 64.6% share of the market in May, according to data from Stat Counter.It also includes a list of all the content you recently downloaded.With its zoom button, you can get in closer on the articles you want to read or the pictures you want to view. One of the other top features of Baidu Spark Browser is its media button.

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