Arkady itkin dating advice

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Then, once you feel at ease and comfortable talking to each other, which may take a couple of days or a week, you should ask your "target" out for lunch.If the two of you enjoy each other's company during lunch, you can suggest a day or two later to meet after work.The book gives the reader an insight into various patterns of a woman's behavior, demeanor and actions that make her stand out as a much more interesting and attractive woman than most other women at every stage of her interaction with the opposite sex - from making that first eye contact to moving in and living together.The book candidly discusses the reasons and the psychology behind the male behavior in many common situations that few other sources dare to explore and bring to woman's attention.

Instead, he suggests a radically different approach to love life by leading you through specific, practical, and proven to be effective ideas and steps that you can take today to transform your behavior, actions and sets of beliefs in order to dramatically improve your romantic life.You don't have to make it sound like an "official" date but simply invite the other person to do something simple and fun together.This gradual escalation has a major benefit in that it gives both people several opportunities to check if they indeed will get along long before they go out.For instance, if at the early stages your casual conversation at work doesn't go well, then there is no reason to ask him / her out of lunch.If you don't have a good time during lunch, you will have no reason or desire to meet after work.

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