Arianna huffington dating rules for dating a non musician

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It seems like the kind of place where one would sleep very well.

Sleep is Huffington’s latest cause, one she details at great length in .

The same way we need to plug in our phones, we need to unplug ourselves.” This is, of course, easier said from a canopy bed in a palatial apartment where duvet covers would never deign to be hauled to the neighborhood wash-and-fold, but it’s nonetheless intoxicating to imagine.

I ask Huffington to detail her elaborate nighttime rituals, the ones that help her sleep royally, and it begins to sound like a lullaby.

takedown we hoped for, it does contain a few interesting nuggets.

We learn, for example, that the Republican-divorcée-turned-internet-publisher bizarrely "hides" all three of her Black Berrys in her bathroom at night, even though she lives only with a housekeeper and her two daughters.

I’m a very recent convert.” Arianna Huffington is giving me a one-on-one sleep consultation in her enormous Soho apartment.

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We don’t feel the sense of urgency or panic about ourselves.The most advanced touches in Arianna’s room are dimmable lighting and blackout curtains, plus a stunning city view.And while it’s strange to me that any wealthy person would ever let me in their bedroom, stranger still is that I won’t be the last ruffian to get in: In a promotion for Huffington’s new book, and in conjunction with Airbnb, one lucky contest winner will get to sleep in this very room for a night.Your mind begins to slow down.” Huffington came to see sleep as an essential contributor to her daily happiness after she collapsed in her L. Her doctor, instead, determined her diagnosis was “sleep deprivation and burnout.” “It was a very alarming wake-up call,” she says now.“Maybe I needed that.” That’s when Huffington got to work on making slight changes to her sleep schedule.

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