Are spyro and cynder dating

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Both characters were owned by Universal Studios, under the former video game division Universal Interactive and have since become an intellectual property of Activision, through the merger between Vivendi Universal Games and Activision to create Activision Blizzard.After developing Disruptor, Insomniac president Ted Price contacted Zembillas to design a playable dragon character for a video game.He is very brash, being eager to defeat the game's villain, Gnasty Gnorc. and Year of the Dragon, Spyro is more mature and laidback, though he continues to trash talk enemies such as Ripto.In The Legend of Spyro, which takes place in a different continuity, Spyro was raised by dragonflies alongside Sparx after his egg was lost during an attempt to destroy his brood.Spyro was designed and created by Charles Zembillas for Insomniac Games, the developers of the first three games in the series.The character has endured in popular culture as a mascot of the Play Station video game console alongside Crash Bandicoot, having appeared in several games together with him.According to programmer Peter Hastings, NASA rocket scientist Matt Whiting was hired to program Spyro's controls so that he could move as smoothly as possible.

Spyro was originally named "Pete" and colored green during development, but the name was dropped to avoid infringing on the trademark Pete's Dragon, which was owned by The Walt Disney Company.

In Year of the Dragon, Moneybags often suffers abuse at Spyro's behest and is attacked by him for trying to sell a stolen dragon egg.

In Spyro: A Hero's Tail, a pink female dragon named Ember has a crush on Spyro, who is not interested.

Spyro the Dragon is the title character and protagonist of the Spyro video game series, including The Legend of Spyro, and a major character in the Skylanders series, first appearing in Spyro the Dragon in 1998.

Spyro is a cute energetic young purple male dragon.

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