Are jenna and max still dating

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, you clearly have not been enjoying this show like you should.But while object lessons in stepping outside your comfort zones are all well and good, I still look at Justin and Max and think they could work on paper, even beyond the animal attraction that they showed in that first kiss of theirs, a dramatic locker-room, up-against-a-wall number that by all rights should be an MTV Movie/TV Awards nominee next year.In truth, I watch them, and I do get a strong sense of the warm-and-fuzzies.They’re important for each other: Justin makes Max more comfortable with his own sexuality, while Max grounds Justin a bit.

Danny, meanwhile, has been the sweet soul perpetually passed over by his oversexed housemates.

Editing-wise, a Danny-Kai fan has to be hoping that MTV has been slow-playing this reveal.

Mathematically, it has to be one of them, to the point where separate camps are setting up: are you a Justin/Max or a Danny/Kai?

But you know who else has gotten a ton of story focus? But honestly, can it really be true that ALL the most seemingly certain matches this season have been busts?

In addition to the delightfully passionate Jenna and Kai and the ill-fated Amber and Nour, there was also Kylie and Kari, who initially seemed so good and caring for each other (even if Kylie kept wandering to make out with other people), and who went five weeks before their unsuccessful Truth Booth.

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