Amir khan dating

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The news of Amir Khan cheating on his wife Faryal Makhdoom broke the internet a few days after the birth of their second child.

According to sources and the woman he cheated with, Sophia Hammani admitted to spending the night with the boxer 17 days after he welcomed his new child to the world. She was wanting a pic but was told to leave by secruity due to her being too drunk. Quite strange at the fact that there is no photos of us together 🤔.

The fresh face of Bollywood Fatima who was seen giving an explosive performance in Dangal has been linked with stories of dating veteran actor Amir Khan.

Earlier parents were downright against their children’s’ choice of pursuing dance, painting and singing as a profession because those vocations were considered to have less chances of success and more…We all are “AIB - All India Bakchod” fans.

But If I’m not, I don’t want them to see me as a bad person.

And of course, it’s not for boxing this time either.

The two have been involved in so many scandals and grave controversies that people have legit lost count of all that has happened between the couple.

From them major family feud to Faryal and Amir dating other people after marriage, you name it and they’ve been part of it.

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