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Although early 2019 saw a spike in bookings and interest in Cuba, the Trump administration’s latest restrictions mean that the number of Americans visiting the country will likely drop.

Check the Treasury Department website for any updates on the allowed categories.

In March 2016, President Obama announced that educational “people-to-people” trips did not need to be taken with a licensed group; instead, individuals would be able to take educational trips of their own design, without having to get permission from the government in advance. Airlines offering these flights include American, Delta, Jet Blue, United, and Southwest.

For example, Iberostar has 20 properties in Cuba and in 2019, there are more options than ever for those seeking higher-end properties and boutique accommodations.

Therefore, payments through intermediaries such as tour operators are possible.” Group travel to Cuba under a general “people to people” license will no longer be permitted after June 5, 2019.

“No new people-to-people group tours will be allowed, which is how the majority of Americans (who don’t have Cuban family) have been traveling to Cuba,” says Kendra Guild, Director of Product & Operations for smar Tours, which ran numerous people-to-people group tours of Cuba during the time they were allowed.

“Individuals will still be allowed to travel to Cuba, but they will have to be under a different category of travel, which can be more difficult to obtain.

Other travel categories under the general license are more specific and limited in regards to who qualifies and what type of programming can be conducted.” smar Tours has one tour offering, Cuba Up Close, that involves homestays with local Cubans and is categorized under the “support for the Cuban people” clause instead of the people-to-people clause, and is therefore still open to American citizens despite the new restrictions.

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