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By the crew was in place, the equipment sound-checked, and we were ready to roll as soon as Palmer arrived. Earlier in the day it had alternated between baking hot sun and periodic thunderstorms.

We had three cameras, a chair, two microphones and a light panel.

If you stuck me in a room and gave me art-making tools but told me no one would ever see the results, I don't think I'd have much desire to make art.

What I do comes from a deep desire to be seen and to see others.

(January 2, 2011) Married her longtime boyfriend Neil Gaiman in a private ceremony following a year-long engagement.

The wedding took place in the parlor of writers Ayelet Waldman and Michael Chabon.

We received word that Palmer would wait for the storms to pass (in a dry trailer with her husband, author Neil Gaiman) and join us at , forcing her to cut her performance down to just one song.

At the rain picked up again and we scrambled to cover our equipment, sacrificing our ponchos to protect the gear as we sought shelter in the trees and under hammocks.

The crowd dwindled to a dozen brave (or just lazy) souls. By the downpour had turned into a full-on monsoon.

You get the feeling that on a lot of days the audience for most music would kind of rather not be faced with the artist, especially because we've been educated to think that the artist are these special creatures are otherwordly and aren't like us.

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