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Check out the complete translated notes, including side articles detailing the major changes, over at Allods Oracle.

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Callout to all the guys gone tryhard to kill Devourer at the time, and god bless Nihaz the savior of the Lore (btw this game got one of the best story/lore development of any mmo)Edit : fyi most of Ascendancy guild (top guild back then) was fully f2p and got every 1st clear outside of RU. We then hung out at the pvp arena where she turned into a giant crab and dropped 1 damage meteors on us.checked my character 3 months ago and i was like playing again but the incense thing i still there and really puts me off.Every day, one little piece after another, the New Land was freed from the eternal frost, and more and more gibberlings were gathering to the Garden City to vitness the fulfillment of their old dream.Who has the time for wars in the moments like this?usually gets each game update in Russia before it hits the rest of the world.Luckily for those of us who don't speak the language, fansite Allods Oracle has been translating these Russian patch notes into English so we know what to expect.

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