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"She's still madly in love with him wherever he is." Speaking of Mr.Nichols, Josh Peck told MTV News that there's "no way" Josh and Mindy are still together. ) "I think Mindy probably broke Josh's heart two years into their relationship," he said, ruining our lives.Their on again, off again relationship became official (again) in the 2008 series finale of "Drake And Josh," when Mindy and Josh rekindled their romance. "One hundred percent, Mindy went to law school, graduated top of her class and became a gnarly prosecuting attorney," she said while promoting her ABC Family series "Stitchers." "But at the same time, I think she loosened up, and I think she's a mean partier.I think Mindy can "I do think she's never gotten over Josh," she added.In terms of her family, Scagliotti is related to the lead singer of Five Minutes of Freedom, Kevin Pfeffer, who is her first cousin.She is also cousins with Alex Scagliotti, a National Wakeboard Champion.

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Scagliotti recently appeared in the series “Fresh Off the Boat”, “The Vampire Diaries”, and “Mary Jane,” and also in the short films “Little Gold Star” and “The Cards.” Her success in both television and movies has helped increase her wealth tremendously.

As per her education, She studied at Glendale Community School. At age 11, she met Chamber Stevens, an acting coach at Barns and decided to move to Hollywood. Later, in between her TV job, she attended New York University. She was bored of school but the drama classes kept her alive at the public school. Her first main role was that of Maddie in the short film ‘Redemption Maddie’ (2005).

She likes musicals and registered her name for the Berklee’s online Bachelor of Professional Studies degree with Interdisciplinary musical studies as the major. In 2003, she shifted her base to Los Angeles with her mother for work. She started procuring roles of substance in television as well as movies. She played a guitarist in the music video ‘Some are girls’. She earns a decent amount per year and has a net worth of $ 3 million.

When she was five, her family moved to Mandeville, Louisiana, and in 2003 moved to permanently live in Los Angeles.

Scagliotti’s passion for acting started very early, joining her school’s drama club at a very young age.

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