Album art not updating google music

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Check out the best free cover art downloaders for digital music.If Windows Media Player doesn't download the correct album artwork with an album or you want to add your own custom images, you can do it manually.You must use another method to get album art for these songs or albums.In i Tunes 10 and earlier, you can see the art in the album art window.We’re going to be using a free application called Album Art Downloader.It’s got an unconventional interface, but it works very well.Any of these options display cover art when it is available.To add album cover art to albums that i Tunes didn't download, you need to find the album cover image online somewhere.

Adding album art to more than one song at a time follows the same process as adding it to a single song, but you must open the album and select all the songs on the album (using Command A on a Mac or Control A on a PC) before right-clicking and selecting Get Info to open the information screen.

To reveal the window, click the button that looks like a box with an arrow in it at the bottom left corner of the i Tunes window.

If you're running i Tunes 10 or earlier, use Cover Flow to see the artwork.

Information in this article applies to i Tunes 12 and i Tunes 11 on a Mac or PC except as otherwise noted.

Using i Tunes to grab missing album artwork only works on the desktop version of i Tunes.

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