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The report also recommended that the government develop a family violence training component for the Alberta Basic Security Course for security workers and that post-secondary institutions develop family violence response and reporting components into their programs on security and investigations; that the government distribute family violence materials at various points of public contact; and that it enhance existing strategies and educational materials on family violence targeted at new Canadians and newcomers (at 4).

In its to the report, released in May 2017, the Ministry of Community and Social Services indicated that it had shared these recommendations with the ministries of Labour, Justice and Solicitor General, Advanced Education, Service Alberta, and Health, showing the complexity involved in implementing the recommendations.

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Lastly for the justice sector, the FVDRC recommends “the widespread implementation of integrated family violence courts in Alberta, in consultation with the Family Court Intersection Committee regarding the implementation of the integrated courts” (at 5).By: Jennifer Koshan PDF Version: Alberta’s Family Violence Death Review Committee: Recent Reports, Recommendations and Reflections Reports Commented On: Family Violence Death Review Committee, Annual Reports and Case Reviews, available was amended in 2013 to empower the government to establish a Family Violence Death Review Committee (FVDRC) with the mandate to review fatal incidents of family violence and to advise and make recommendations to the government on preventing and reducing family violence ( at 12).In a series of more in-depth case reviews released between May 2017 and May 2018, the FVDRC makes several recommendations related to legislation, policy and legal processes that I review in this post.In its recommendations, the FVDRC advocated amendment of the )).The amendments impose obligations on employers and supervisors to ensure that their workers are not subjected to nor participate in harassment or violence at the work site, and violence is defined to include domestic and sexual violence (see ss s 1(yy)), 3(1)(c), 4(a)(v)).

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