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Details on Anne's marriage are not much known since she likes to keep it confined.

There's no such rumor of Anne or her husband having an affair so it's evident that this husband and wife duo are much in love.

Subsequently, Anne learned to play piano and guitar.

However, Anne suffered from stage fright after an embarrassing onstage experience as a child, when she lost her voice due to a throat infection.

For instance, she shared an adoring picture dining with her family on 21 April 2018 via Instagram, which reflects her love and affection towards them.

Anne as well shares a great bond with her sister and her love towards her can be seen through her social account, where she shares different photos with her sister.

There's no sight of divorce in the near future too.

Alastair is English art critics and broadcaster, most recognizable for reporting and commenting on art for British Media.

Besides from all this, Sooke got his hands on TV shows.

The Perfect Suit, Unfinished, Treasures of Ancient Greece are the shows he did for BBC.

As in 2017, Sooke did Trump on Culture: Brave New World and An Art Lover's Guide.

Despite working on the different documentaries and with female co-host including Amanda Vickery, Sooke was never linked with any of the females in his past.

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