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This is a fun app where you can view the webcam of your PC on your phone.

Not what I was looking for: a way to monitor my house while away.

But after agreeing to spend the day with him, she soon realizes that she made a deadly mistake.

In Daniel Goldhaber and Isa Mazzei's paranoid horror thriller "Cam," an erotic webcam performer finds her followers stolen by a doppelganger who hijacks her channel, pushes the sexual envelope farther, and otherwise seems determined to destroy her life.

For one, you can tape up that webcam — it’s a bit tinfoil hat, sure, but it’s better than having a photo of your bad bits blasted out to the Internet on some shady-ass Tumblr.

Second, consider using Firefox* with something like No Script, disabling it only for trusted sites.

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The basic technique, dubbed Clickjacking, is nothing new.

I’d actually generally avoid writing about things like this, if it were new, to keep the word from spreading before the companies got a chance to fix it — but these techniques are already well known in the hacking world.

Oh, and yeah, insert the obligatory NSA/PRISM joke here.

This is a fun app where you can view the webcam of your PC on your phone.

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