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Until cats rule the world, humanity will be deeply flawed.

Scammers have realized that there are trusting and vulnerable people on dating sites, so they try to con them out of money.

This way you won’t get surprised with a monthly charge after your initial subscription commitment ends.

If you are enjoying match.com, you can always turn “auto-renewal” on again later.

Know exactly what you are getting your self into before entering any credit card info, and use a coupon or promo code to get the best price.

Know that when you sign up, you’ll get a low, promotional rate You can lock in the “new customer” promotional rate for up to 12 months at sign up.

I recommend not buying anything longer, because if you do meet someone special, you don’t want to be stuck with 9 months left on a pre-paid subscription.

The free trial includes more features, and you won’t feel like someone who brings their own popcorn to the movie theater.

When you click on the 3-day free trial, you’ll get a popup window prompting you to login or signup to get started.

However, the 7-day free trial requires entering a promo code.

Never give out personal info on or open shady links in emails.

Also, that guy you met online isn’t really a prince in Nigeria, so be prepared for potential scams on

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